One thing we hear a lot from fellow car enthusiasts when talking about attending their first track day is something along the lines “yes, I’d love to come to the track, as soon as my car is ready”. This is then usually followed by some massive expenditure in an attempt to liberate another hundred kilowatts before the cycle begins anew.

In reality, the case is almost always that your car is pretty much “track ready”, especially if it’s your first time. Like all sports, getting the best out of yourself and your equipment happens over time. First time skiers, snowboarders and golfers don’t start off with top-of-the-range equipment, and attending track days is much the same; you don’t need the best-of-the-best to go out and have a good time.

Some good oil, some brake pads, some tyre tread and you’re pretty good to go

Fact is, that if you’ve purchased a car with even the most modest of sporting pretensions, chances are you’re not likely to tap the limits of whatever car that is on your first time and if you’re even a casual reader of local car magazines you’ll see the team drag out all sorts of cars to local racetracks, always stock and often with a tame racing driver.

The only caveat to this is making sure your oily bits are relatively fresh, your brake pads have some meat and there’s tread on your tyres. So forget saving up for that expensive big-brake kit or those super-sticky semi-slick tyres. Instead invest in some track time and learn a whole new way to enjoy your car…see you there!

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