I don’t know about you guys and girls, but when I go looking for cars the first thing I do is sort; low-to-high and generally buy the cheapest one. This, I imagine, is similar to when shrewd people talk about buying the cheapest house on the best street, but instead I like to buy the cheapest car…same-same really.


So, with S15 prices now on an upward beat, I didn’t really have it in me to take my pretty neat, barely modified, cheapest S15 on carsales to the next level. With this car (The Mark II) sporting very limited modification (coilovers, exhaust, wheels) and hitting my sub 1:40 Winton target time, it’s time to leave her set up as a super neat road car that might be pulled out to do the occasional track or skidpan event.


And so here we are, with what could be the best and worst idea of 2019; introducing ZMK379 (The Mark-III). She’s a fully slammed, JDM-Import Spec-S Silvia, which means a mighty SR20DE (non-turbo), S14 five-speed transmission (stronger than the six-speed at least) and an open diff. Epic.


Over the next little while I’ll be building this little car, dragging her out to various track events and documenting it on our EXE blog, detailing the mods that get made and the benefits to track times (if any). But first, let’s get this car off the ground and onto some genuine wheels…

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