First started in 2004 by just four people, EXE ran its first track day at Winton in 2006 and we’ve been regulars there ever since. Although we’ve moved through a number of different iterations, EXE has always been a bunch of friends united in the love of cars and motor-sport.

Our track days are not-for-profit and you’ll find that one of our core differences is that we run as much of the day as possible in an effort to provide the best and friendliest possible experiences to all driver skill levels.

Over the years we’ve hosted drive days, work-shop days, barbecues, skid-pan days and dyno days.

If you’re someone that likes to geek out a little, our founding members chose the name “EXE” based on the file extension of the DOS executable file, execute meaning “to carry out or accomplish. To perform, or do”. In essence the original goal of EXE was to make track days accessible for everyone, and encourage like minded individuals to stop just talking about going to the track and actually going to the track.

So if you’ve been thinking about hitting up the track why not jump in on one of our days and see how good a time a track day can be?